In 1995 January at a private audience with his Holiness Pope John Paul. When the Pope visited Sri Lanka officially in January 1995 Air Lanka – the national carrier flew Pope and his entourage from Colombo – Rome and
Mr Jayamanne who was the Executive Director at Air Lanka at that time was in charge of the flight and personally attended to the papal flight.
His holiness, Mr. Nihal Jayamanne, his
wife Mrs. Rohini Jayamanne and his son Tilanka Jayamanne
Mr Jayamanna’s family – his wife Rohini and son Tilanka
Mr Nihal Jayamanne with his wife Rohini (centre) Sister Joan and her husband Ranjith Abeysekara (right) and Bandula and his wife Dilrukshi (left)
On his 60th birthday 9th May 2006.
Birthday card sent by Mr. Sinha Ratnatunga, Editor of
Sunday Times to Mr Jayamanne on his 70th Birthday – 9.5.2016

The Book - He Breathes Again

In 2011, Mr. Nihal Jayamanne went thru a double lung transplant surgery performed by a team of 15 Japanese surgeons, Doctors, Technicians and Nurses at the Nawaloka Hospital. It was the first ever such operation done in Sri Lanka. Mrs Rohini Jayamanne, the wife of Mr Jayamanne wrote a book on the trauma and the horrendous experience they went through in relation to this operation. The title of the book is “HE BREATHES AGAIN”. On 1st September 2015 the above book was launched in Colombo. The cover page and the back cover page of this book is reproduced below. The cover page is a re production of one of Mr Jayamanne’s paintings painted by him a few days after the December 2004 Tsunami. The painting represent the waves and the destruction, trauma, deaths, sufferings and loss of lives that were affected. The footsteps represent the footsteps of the lives that survived. The footsteps on the painting is the actual footsteps of Mr Jayamanne who walked on the painting bare footed before the paint dried.