1. In Bloom
  2. Fate
  3. Rain in the morning
  4. Lest I forget
  5. The Mortgage
  6. The Spirit Within
  7. The Sunset I never Saw at Confifi
  8. The Moment of Glory
  9. The Blood of My Blood
  10. The Bloody Sun Has Risen Again
  11. The Race
  12. A Statement
  13. Destiny of Souls
  14. Enticing a God
  15. At the beginning was the end
  16. It is Everything
  17. Make Me at Dawn
  18. මල් වඳ වෙලා
  19. Nightmare
  20. The Arrow
  21. The Beginning
  22. The bleeding heart
  23. The Victims of Greed
  24. Time
  25. To Shögun
  26. Torment
  27. A Treat
  28. Woman of the Soil
  29. A statement - Humanity
  30. A Statement – Glistening of Stars
  31. ආලය පුපුරයි
  32. All Thou art I am
  33. Beauty
  34. Bundala
  35. Death I Accept
  36. A Statement - The Condiment in life
  37. කවුලුව තුළින්
  38. Defiled
  39. Everything is Everything else
  40. Find it in you
  41. Forever will be
  42. ගන අඳුරේ
  43. God's Nectar
  44. Goodness --A Statement
  45. A Statement – Life
  46. A Statement - Life (i)
  47. A Statement - Life (ii)
  48. A Statement – What is God
  49. A Statement - Life (iii)
  50. A Statement - Love
  51. මලක් පිපෙයි
  52. මවගේ විලාපය
  53. Medal
  54. ඔබ හිමිදිරියේ
  55. Sanity
  56. A Statement - Useless
  57. A Statement – Defeat evil
  58. Thank you for the Music
  59. The Blossom
  60. The bud
  61. The Curse of the Famined
  62. The Emperor Concerto
  63. The Flower of Joy
  64. The Glow Defiled
  65. The Parched Land
  66. The Purity of The Hunt
  67. The Sacred Beings
  68. The unmanifested(I)
  69. When my Soul Flyeth Away
  70. Behold
  71. Whiff of the Eternal
  72. You are not there
  73. Time - A Statement
  74. Your Rights - A Statement
  75. Beauticians – A Statement
  76. Conquest of Love - A Statement
  77. A stranger in paradise
  78. The Parched Earth
  79. The Flame
  80. Beyond
  81. Coincidence – A Statement
  82. Quirks – A Statement
  83. Enforcers
  84. The Goddess of the Desert
  85. Plucking of the Blameless
  86. Procreation
  87. The Field
  88. The Killing
  89. The Chosen One
  90. Breath – A Statement
  91. Tolerance - A Statement
  92. When my eyes are opened
  93. You
  94. Privileged Beings
  95. Aborted
  96. You Don't Need Eyes
  97. Invocation to the Holy Spirit
  98. The Lottery
  99. The Elixir
  100. The Three I met on the Negombo Beach
  101. The Experience
  102. Come away
  103. The Dancers of the Night
  104. To the dying man
  105. My Love - My Life
  106. Miasma of despair
  107. Her Eyes
  108. The Mound
  109. The ripe melon
  110. Creation of gods
  111. Gratitude
  112. Her Lips
  113. Deep orange, Dark blue and Pearl white
  114. The Omen

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  1. The Story of Trees

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~   Poems   ~
In Bloom - 13/5/2012


My Kinihiriya tree
Is ablaze,
Like melting gold
In the morning sun


Hungry lovers
Dressed in tiny
Rainbows, of divine
Sip the essence of
Passion from within
The soft folds of
Golden lips


Come, see my
Kinihiriya Tree in bloom
And feel the
Fate - 1982


To touch my skin and fly amidst the stars,
To kiss my lips and swim the breeze,
To lie breast to breast and sail the sun,
To take me inside you and ride a storm,
To drink my seed and flood your soul,
That too is your fate.
Rain in the morning - 23/9/87


The rain wet everything
Drenching the world
with its depression and gloom,
it's incessant howl
and annoying snivel
at once frightening and disgusting,
It gets you


Except the torrid lovers
In disgraceful embrace
Moaning and groaning
Clinging and clenching
In passion's sweat-

And the lazy
Tramp cuddling
His limbs
Still asleep
In the extended night
A contented dream.

Lest I forget


If only I could
To ease my
With wails
And tears.
But I can't, I won't,
Lest I forget thee
My love.
The Mortgage - 1982


Life is what we
borrowed from death,
the vibrant soul
we always owe
then and there
when demand made
it must be paid
and in full –


in pain and sorrow
is interest paid
dividends few
is rarely invested


yet dear death
though the terms
were tough
and recalled
too soon,
I thank thee
for thy loan
I used it well.
The Spirit Within - 1980


It was nothing ,
It was everything,
It was the only thing,
The timeless death
What calm
What peace.
Soft, black, emptiness; cold and heavy.
There is no breath
The world is still.
There is no sound,
The word is deaf.
There is no light,
The world is blind.


Only you,
    You were there before time,
    .........and inevitable
    Spread on a rock cold and forbidding,
    At the edge of the silent void,
    With head to a side,
    Eyes closed,


    One leg stretched,
    The other bent,


    Left hand at your left ear,
    Palm on your throat,


    Right hand in the air,
    Fixed, cold and suspended,
    Inches above your pubic hair,
    With fingers stretched out to the void.
    the night of creation
    the dawn of life.
continued to...
... continued from

In time, when it came began
    An orb of light, appears
    In the Black Emptiness
    Slowly, painfully, moving
    It seeks you, it finds you.
    With unbearable passion it touches you.
    Then bursts forth and lights up your womb
    Heats it and floods it.
    And you scream;
    Life is born:
    The air begins to breathe.
    The light begins to see.
    The sound begins to hear.
    The void is no more.
    It's the end of eternity.
    It's beginning of the end.
    No clam.
    No peace.
    Death is born.
The Sunset I never Saw at Confifi - 1989


With unbearable
It slowly
Into the
Screaming sea
In prolonged orgasms
Of orange and red
And sudden darkness at the end
It finally vanished
In to the
Of the world.
The Moment of Glory - 5/7/2007


They raped
They sliced her child,
before her eyes
They beat her man
Stabbed him
Sodomized him
And shot him in the chest.


they were coming for her.


Before he died,
He looked at her
And she at him,
There was no hate
Only fear and sorrow and love.
She sat still
Picked the knife
from the floor
And slit her throat.
They smiled,
They died.
The Blood of My Blood


The blood of my blood
The love of my love
The mind of my mind
The breath of my breath
The soul of my soul
The eye of my eye
You are more than me, to me.
The Bloody Sun Has Risen Again - 1989


From under
The dark sea
It stealthily peeped,
Thro' the mist
And the haze,
Upon the peaceful world.
At once
Shattering the
With light,
Disturbing the birds
Who disturbed me
In the midst
Of a dream; a favourite one
And I awoke.
Toothpaste ,
Razor blades,
Moving bowels,
Traffic jams,
The bloody sun
Has risen again.
The Race - 1983


Striving, yet striving
Foolishly, competing,
Ahead; before the foe
At all cost, Ahead!


Past the moon
In to the planets
Like a foolish moth
Who sets his goal
From coast to coast
To fly


Laser beams
Neutron bombs
War heads and submarines


Floating dollar
Interest rates
Big business
Vested interests




The race is on
The challenge taken
Who will win killing all.
A Statement - 1987


In the world
Beyond the senses.
And the analytical
Even beyond
The abstract
Lies the key
To everything
No experiment
No instrument
Can reveal
The magic.
Beyond reason
And logic
Is mysticism
And the
Science is blind
So is religion.
Pure thought
Devoid of
They only
The order in the confused
State of order
And chaos-
continued to...
... continued from

The cosmic
Dance of
The crucifixion
Of Christ
The enlightenment
Of Buddha


And the rule
That predicts
The motion
Of an elephant
Or that of an
Of the receding
And the
Of the Black hole


Of passion
And death
Of life
And pain


Of murder
And birth
Of smells
And colours
Of evolution
And creation
Of destruction
And intelligent
continued to...
... continued from

There is but
One rule
One cause
To discover
But not to
Teach or to learn
To comprehend
In lightening
Of revelation
But not to
To absorb
In to the
In painful
But not to


The sound
Of the meson
Is heard
Not by the
But by the
It cannot
Be uttered
Or played.
No grand
For God
continued to...
... continued from

Or the Devil
Hides the
The rule
Does not reveal
Itself to
Lighters of candles
Or lamps
Neither to those
Who devotedly
Pray –
They who are
Only good
Remain good
They only conform,
To the rules of men
Pure love alone
Opens the doors
Of your mind your soul– so that
You may also
Sometime know.
Destiny of Souls - 13/03/1981


Will I cease to be
A part of the whole
When I release my soul
To the cosmos?
Or am I trapped forever
In the changeless change
Living and dying
Dying and living?
Is there no patch of
Timeless, forceless, void,
Where I can suspend
My mind and watch
The universe go by
Leaving me
To myself?
If the void between
Is moving taking with it
The moving stars
Is the void the substance
The stars the cells?
When all the stars
Are dead and buried
In their former black graves
Does the void cease to be?
Is it then in absolute death
That I finally cease to be?
Till the graves bring forth
A different me, a new soul
An altered form.
Enticing a God - 1984


Find your God
Adore him
Love him
Praise him
Entreat him
Cry out
The right words
Light your
Lamps – buy your garlands
And he will
Do your
For you.
Become his slave
And he will
Become yours.
At the beginning was the End - 1980


In the beginning
Was nothing
The God
The creator


In the beginning
Was darkness
The God
The creator


In the beginning
Was death
The God
The creator


At the end
Was light
The God
The creator


At the end
Was space
The God
The Creator


At the end
Was life
The God
The Creator


In the end
Was the beginning
The God
The creator
It is Everything - 7/7/2007


Zig zagging
In elliptical
Paths and not so elliptical ones
In confused
If only
We can comprehend:
In, eternal time;
Giving life,
To the inanimate.
Life as confused
And yet so orderly
So versatile
And Infinite.
The source of all
Of smells
And colours
Of pains
And pleasures
Of sex
Of thoughts
And spiritual,
Of death
And thereafter,
You are and I am
And always will be

continued to...
... continued from

A part of The omnipresent,
Force, The unmanifested purity.
Everything is
Everything else
And also
Make Me at Dawn - 1992


Let me have thee
At the break of dawn.
Last night's sleep in thy eyes,
The musty smell
Of unsweetened sweat,
The tangled mane,
The unwashed mouth,
The drowsy moans,
Take me, take me,
Make me at dawn.
මල් වඳ වෙලා - 5.7.2003


මල් වඳ වෙලා


ගුණ කුණුවෙලා




Nightmare - 1983 July


I fear my nights
Weird creatures
Take over my dreams
At night.
What I love in
My waking hours
Torment me when
I close my eyes
Ugly shapes
With horrible expressions
Stare me down
Bare me down
Frightening the life
Out of me.
My peaceful
Nights are no more
All my fears
All my sadness
All my pain
All my frustrations
Become as one
And torment me
In my sleep.

  1983 July riots
The Arrow - 2002


It is an arrow
And a doe
That decide
Whether I
Live or die


The arrow
Finds her
I live
If not
The doe does.
If she dies
I shall cherish in my soul
The sacrifice;
And shall pray
To her spirit
In eternal gratitude.


If she lives
She will, I know
Do the same.
The Beginning -(early 1980)


Waves of blackness
Poured into itself
Thicker and thicker
Till the seed was formed
Minute and heavy
It was nothing, it was everything
Quite still in the absolute void
It moved within itself


And as eons passed eons
It dreaded and loved the void
It wanted to possess it
To fill and destroy it


And as eons passed eons
And Suddenly the
Void took the seed
And came within the seed
And the seed
Filled the void
God was born.
The bleeding heart - 1/12/2008


The bleeding heart
Of my Lord
The aching
The love
The cosmic sacrifice
What do you know?
What do you do?
Worship the sacrifice?
Draw into your soul
The infinite love
And unite, unite
Unite, unite
With the eternal.
The Victims of Greed - 1990


We are its soul
We are Africa.
We are the oppressed
We are the frightened
We are the starved
And we are human


Parched lips
On parched breasts,
Blank eyes,
Pot belly,
Dripping down
Skin and bone.


Half eaten McDonalds
By the millions,
In the bin.
Shiploads of cereal
Dumped in the sea.


Raving fans
At Wembly
Live Aid
For the dead
Sanctimonious philanthropists
Hitting the cover page
Letting all hands know
What the right hand gave.


Russian Arms
U.S. Arms
Their wars in our country
Starved to death
Or bombed to death.
We die before our time.
Time - 1984


Time is for the ignorant
A hundred years
How long is it?
For the proud moth
Ten years is a thousand generations
For the arrogant man
Five thousand years
Is all his history
A star is young
At million years
A galaxy is not yet born
In billion years
Yes time is for the ignorant
The rational man
Who seeks the truth
With puny brains, test tubes
Cause and effect.
To Shögun - 27/03/1988


Shögun, The Warrior
The fearless fighter
The constant protector
The faithful friend
Died today.


His handsome face
Drawn with pain
Lithe body
Wasted to the bone,
Alert eyes,
Clouded with sorrow,
He bore his pain
To the last
He uttered no cry


And at last
When the time had come
With painful stride
He came
Once more,
To the mistress he loved


To be patted one last time
To hear her call him
"Shögie Boo"
Before he died.

continued to...
... continued from

Duty done
He quietly went
Lay down and died.
We shall
Hear no more
The reassuring bark
But Shögie Boo
We will
Torment - 1983


Even the dark nights
            Have left me
Torment, torment,
My unconscious hours
            Filled with
Uncertain dreams,
Sadness and desperation
Have crept into
my life,
Yet I live,
I want to
  1983 July riots
A Treat - 2007


When I eat waffles and jam
Which is a treat
I hope
The boy on the street
Gets a raisin bun.
Woman of the Soil - 1984


The colour of roses n' gold
With twilight lighted
With nature's sweat moistened
With its smell scented
Lay with me
My woman of the soil
Let me take thee
In open field.
A statement - Humanity - 29/8/2009


If humanity has a future
It is only because
The innocent are merciful.
A Statement – Glistening of Stars - 29/8/2009


If you cry because
The sun has set
You will never see the
Glistening of the stars.
ආලය පුපුරයි - පෙබරවාරි 2004


ආලය පුපුරයි හදක, රාගය විසුරුවා
මලක් තෙත් වෙයි, පෙමි පැන් ඉතිරුවා
සක්වල ප්‍රීති වෙයි, බීජය විද ගැබි පුරා
උපදියි පින් කල ජීවයක්, පෙරුමි පුරා.
All Thou art I am - 03/02/2008


(Omnes tu es ego sum)
The womb
Soft, liquid
Buoyant- comfort,
The joys,
The sorrows,
The trauma,
The peace,
The love,
The sweet convulsions,
Of tender orgasms
All this
I bring with me
When I first breathe
And cry.
All this
I still am
Now the grown man
An old man.
Beauty - 25/06/2007


When you saw the urchin
Soiled and ugly
Snut dripping to his mouth
Rotten sores,
Did you not see
The beauty
In his eyes
Bundala - 07/02/2009


The sand dunes
Of Bundala,
Wave after wave of sand and scrub
From the deep green forest
To the violent sea.
How I long for Thee
To climb crest after crest
With crab and the elephant
For company,
One near at foot
The other a distance afar,
Towards the roar of the
I am moved by memories.
Till over the last crest
I see the
Emerald sea
Breaking in orgasmic froth
On the innocent beach
My being heaves,
My spirit erupts,


From the depth of my soul


Tears well in my eyes,
In joyous awe of what
I ought to know.
My beloved Bundala.
Death I Accept - 29/08/2009


Death I accept
For that is the
Ultimate experience.
A Statement - The Condiment in life - 29/8/2009


The condiment in life is death
The sweetness in the honey
The taste in the salt
කවුලුව තුළින් - 8/2/2009


කවුලුව තුළින්
තන් දෙක දුටිමි,
රහසේ උදෑසන.
වමි තන උරයි,
බිලිඳා එය බදාගෙන.
අනෙකින් උනයි
කිරි, මුතු දියර වැන.


සැගවී මෙලෙස සුරගන බලා
රස විඳින විට,
ගැබි කල මෝඩයා
කුණු කෙල
පෙරා ගෙන.
Defiled - 16/10/2008


You smelt the flower
And changed it
You sighed at its beauty
And defiled it
You picked it
And it ceased to be.
Everything is Everything Else - 2006/7


Nothing exists alone
Remember, you are
Because of me
And I am
Because of you.
We are one
And yet not so.
Like the strands that make the rope.
Like the threads that make the web.
Like the stars that make the cosmos.
Everything is everything else.
Find it in you - 2009


He who has no form
Is in all forms
He who is dumb
Is in all sounds
He who is unseen
Is in all that is seen
He who is never born
Is in all that is alive
He who cannot die
Is yet death itself.


He is within you
Find him
    before you die
Lest you
Keep on dying,
Lest you
Never live.
Forever will be - 11th April 2007
                        Watawala St. Jean's Estate


Gone, gone, gone… forever gone
From what is
To what never was,
But yet is-
And forever, will be.
ගන අඳුරේ - ජනවාරි 2004


ගන අඳුරේ මී දුම තණ වැලඳගෙන
බිහි වෙයි තණ මත පිනි, පෙමි බිංදු වැන
සිහිනක් දුටිමි, ඔබ, මා තුරුලට ඈඳාගෙන
නොතේරෙන බසින් මතුරයි මා, ඔබ තන සිඹා ගෙන
God's Nectar - 29/08/2009


Beads of dew
Of god's nectar
Drip freely
Because you
Love me.
Goodness - A Statement


Is nothing
Till you
Practice it.
A Statement – Life


You must be like a fly,
Sip from the sweetest
And suck from the rottenest
- 2005
A Statement - Life (i) - 25/06/2007


Find enrichment
In blindness
In sorrow
In pain
In misery
In fear
And in death itself
Then you have lived.
A Statement - Life (ii) - 25/06/2007


The fullness of living
Is the joy
Of every second.
A Statement – What is God


What is God
Without love?
He will whither
He will thirst
He will suffer
And He will die.
A Statement - Life (iii) - 25/06/2007


If you know happiness
And not sorrow
If you know pleasure
And not pain
If you know beauty
And not ugliness
Having lived thus
You have not lived at all.
A Statement - Love


Love sustains God
Like it sustain
මලක් පිපෙයි - 7/2/2004 ති‍්‍රකුණාමලය


මලක් පිපෙයි
මල පර වෙයි.
මවගේ විලාපය - 2008


ගෙල බැඳ කඹයකින් වැරදා අදින විට,
තටිටම බිම උලා
මර හඩ නගයි පැටියා දිව හපා ගෙන.
උදවිවට නරයා තව අය යොදා ගෙන.
ගොම මත ලෙස්සී යයි
තිරිසනා මරුවා ළගට.
මුව නැති පිහිය ඇද, ඇද,
උගුරේ ලේ නහර මත,
මැරුවා මගෙ පැටියා
ලේ වගුර මත.
Medal - 2005


The soldier
Who died
Like a dog.
Shot in the back
By a child
Was buried today.
The worms
Will emerge
From his
Rotting wound
And dance
On his shining
ඔබ හිමිදිරියේ - 2002


ඔබ හිමිදිරියේ, තණ පිස්සේ පින්න වැන
දිලිසෙයි, උඩගුව, හිරු ඔබ තුල රඳා ගෙන
බොලඳව, නොදැන,
හිරු, මෙම ප‍්‍රමොදය, මොහොතින් අවුලා
ඔබ මකන බව.
Sanity - 29/08/2009


On the verge of
Is far too
Close to the unreal
To know.
A Statement - Useless


Like molten gold,
A Statement – Defeat evil


If it is necessary
To defeat evil
You can do it
By not
To it.
Thank you for the Music - 08/08/2006
Hotel Tall Trees, Munnar, Kerala.


(The Voice of the Drongo at Dawn)
The love cry
That pierced
The earth
And forever Brought forth,
Sweet melody
From the green
Roof of the
Green heaven
Is still heard
In Munnar
Will it be there
When I come
The Blossom - 2009


The blossom
Of love, of joy
And of the spirit
Thy sacred petals open
Secretly at dawn
Slowly revealing
The tender crucible of
Life and of death,
Pulsating Thou
Whispers to the
air, the scent of primeval longings
Intoxicating desires
That never existed,
Spinning reason
Into wild ecstasy.
Thou glowest, igniting me.


Thy nearness alone
Consumes me.


Within you
My soul abandons me
And erupts with yours
In molten bliss
Exploding incandescent
Joy – to the cosmos
Uniting us
With the eternal.
The bud - 2009


The bud
that is eternal
the bud that
drives me mad
as it drives you
what genius created you
to give me so much
so much
yet so much more,
the bud of joy
the crowning glory
of the eternal.
The Curse of the Famined - 7/7/2007


My sister died
Sucking poison
From the dead woman's
My mother died
With her
Stuck in her spine,
I will die
For the vulture
Pecks my toe.






All the dogs are eaten
Only the fastest rats
May you choke
On your
Next Coke.
The Emperor Concerto - 30/5/2007


A mortal
Spins strands
Of cosmic gossamer
Enticed from the very soul of God,
Into divine patterns
And imprisons them
In his mind
To be extracted
Forever and ever
As joy immortal as music divine.
The Flower of Joy - 2008


The nectar flows
From within
The sacred folds
And emerge
Between the creases of joy
Glistening shyly in drops of
Divine dew.


The flower of love
The blossom of passion
Is open and inviting.
A sweet pungent
Scent of desire,
To a sacred lover
Enticing him to
Warm the crucible of creation
To fill its secret depths
To splash the flow of life
On her aching soul.
The Glow Defiled - 2006


The night is black,
The flame ablaze,
And dancing.


Emerges a moth
From the gloom
Circling the flame.


With every flutter
The flame moves
Dancing with the moth,


In frenzied trance,
With unbearable joy
It plunges in.


It is consumed.
The flame brighter
The glow defiled.
The Parched Land – The Offering - 07/02/2009


The grass that I cut
Now heavy on my head
Was moaning in the wind.
Pleading for rain.


The child that I bore
Now dead at my breast
Was aching in my womb
Pleading for life.


The grass,
I will burn
To the spirit
Of my child.
The Purity of The Hunt - 2009


Why is the deer
So stubborn
So heartless
Why does he not
Come this way
Past the scrub
I am hiding in,
From dawn.
The sun goes crimson
And soon it will be
Come my friend
Sip from the pool
Within my range
Am I to go back
To my child's wails
Another night?
Dear deer,
Do you have no compassion?


I chant my ancestors' mantra
In my heart
Repeatedly and repeatedly


The sacrifice is needed
Wait! There is the sound of his coming
My string is taught. The arrow straight
The deer sips his full
As the arrow pierces his heart.
The Sacred Beings - 07/02/2009


The herd of
Cream and purple
Atop the hill
Of golden sand,
Set ablaze
The parched land
Within the rising vapour
Of a mirage.
Thus, did I
First set eyes
On them
Glorious of all creations,
Mysterious beings,
Who appear only
To disappear
Like rainbows on the sand.
Oh! Thou
The sacred Eland
Thou surge within my soul
And lift up my spirit.
Bless you
And bless you again.
The unmanifested (I) - 20/05/2007


In spasms
Of illusionary creations
Masking the truth,
Teasing and challenging
The created innocent
To find their
When my Soul Flyeth Away - 1982


My soul flieth
Away from my
            rotten body Floating in space
Blowing this way
            and that By winds of
Goodwill and ill
Where will it take me?
Somewhere good?
Somewhere bad?
Or will it,
Leave me
Lost in eternity
In indifferent
Behold - 2000


    the incandescent glow
Of those
Who dwell with
The essence of
The universe
The soul of
Everything and of
Whiff of the Eternal - 2009


Churned in the
That is the cosmos
Burnt, frozen
Beaten, torn
Distilled, distilled again and yet again
From this inevitable broth
Peeps life, confused, greedy
A whiff of the
Breath of the eternal
Hidden within.
You are not there - 1984


Suddenly, you are not there
And suddenly I don't care
But as time eats my life
Memories do come back
And suddenly, at times
I do remember
And smiles light up my soul
Oh! Yes.
I do remember,
Time - A Statement - 08/12/2009


Time has vandalized
The primeval
Your Rights - A Statement - 13/12/2009


Your rights are
Subservient to love.
Beauticians – A Statement - 11/02/2010


Merchants of vanity.
Conquest of Love - A Statement - 11/12/2010


The conquest of love
Is an exchange
Of tenderness, devotion
Sacrifice and boundless pleasure.
Such conquests
Lasts forever
And thereafter.

   Written for Moki on
   the eve of her
A stranger in paradise - 08/03/2010


In a world of illusions
Truth is the stranger
The Parched Earth - 09/03/2010


The smell of the earth
The parched earth
Quenching her thirst
Brings joy
To all beings
And to me
A divine gift
Which erupts within my soul
To mingle with
The essence of the eternal.
The Flame - 18/04/2009


What is the
Of the flame
It self?
Who knows?
Beyond - 18/04/2009


Within which
Sanity and insanity
the Truth
Coincidence – A Statement - 19/07/2009


Coincidence and destiny.
One fulfils the other.
Quirks – A Statement - 07/08/2009


Coincidences are quirks
In the cosmic flow of karma
That gives you a chance
To find your destiny.
Enforcers - 20/6/2012


They come every Wednesday
To the slum
Swishing their canes
Striking everything
Within reach.
The cripple
The whore
The urchin
The pregnant,
the leper
And the frail.


They came
To collect
From the poorest of the poor
In the Bombay slums
The enforcers
The innocent pay up
In coin or kind
Offering a sister, a mother
A brother or himself
And they take.
The gods praised
At the pooja on Fridays.
The Goddess of the Desert - 27/03/2009


Over the sand dune
Against the scarlet sky
I first saw
A bundle of
Sticks rise.
And then
A face of purest beauty,
Dismissing the flaming heaven
to oblivion.
Quickly followed
Two perfect breasts of golden hue
Tingling in the burning breeze.
    while I gazed in
Wondrous awe
The Goddess rose in full view
On the crest.
I fell prostrate
In joyous
Plucking of the Blameless - April 2009


The Mongol
The deformed
Have no guilt
No hate
They are pure
Of soul.
Superior to us.
Kill them
In the womb.
Procreation - 27/11/2008


The execution of the Decree of existence.
The divine ache of orgasm.
The smell of conception.
The explosion of creation.
The ferocity of joy.
The tenderness of fulfilment.
The unity of souls.
The glory of man.
The envy of gods.
The Field - 27/11/2009


The Field
Was proud and lush
With dew sparkling
At dawn.
Except for a small
Patch that lay crushed
And happy
Where the lovers had lain.
The Killing - 28/6/2012


Discovered deformed in the womb
Should we terminate?


Has he no right to
Enjoy the world and its beauty,
To breathe its air
To see the sun set
To smell the scent of a mother
And fear a nightmare?


Is he not to enjoy music?
the frolics of a puppy
or the smile of a child,
or the joy of dreams?


Will he grow up to be
An artist,
A musician,
A scientist,
An athlete,
A preacher,
A philosopher,
A spiritual mentor,


If we have but a doubt
He must live.
The Chosen One - April 2009
                        Villa Ocean View


Crucify, The Innocent
The pure
The unblemished
The enlightened
The one without sin
Devoid of Karma.


Who will do it?
Who will fulfil?
Who will do the
Who will take
The blame,
Be cursed forever?
The chosen one?
Breath – A Statement - 20/??/2009


The foulest of breath
Can produce
The sweetest of

Rotting flesh
May hide
The purest soul.
Tolerance - A Statement - 26/08/2009


There is a limit
To tolerating goodness.
When my eyes are opened - 18/06/2009
No. 16, Eaton Place, City of Westminister, London


When my eyes are opened
I see you
And I am blinded
By the radiance of your
You fill my spirit
And I convulse with
Unknown bliss
My being glows
With the light that is you
Within me.
But most times
My eyes are closed
And then I see
With only the eyes
I was born with
You gave them to
You - 4/6/2011


The melody
          Of the setting sun
The fragrance
          Of the sparkle of diamonds
The taste
          Of the scent of jasmine
The colours
          Of the warmth of a kiss
The sacred spirit
          Of the tender explosions of love
All these are you
And yet mortal
Privileged Beings - 18/04/2009


Who but man
Can enjoy
All of
The seen
The unseen
And that which is
Neither seen or unseen
And the creator himself?
Aborted - 15.9.2012


There I was
Warm and comfortable
In my liquid cocoon
A creation
Of joy and love
Millimeter by millimeter


Then when I was four months
They discovered
That I had no legs


It was decided that
I will be incompatible with life
When born
So I was to be
For my own good
And for the relief of my mother
And for the general good
Of society


A time and place
Was fixed
Convenient to all concerned
Except me
For I had five more months
In the womb


At the fixed hour
They invaded my heaven, my sanctuary,
With knives and hooks forceps and scissors


Determined hands probed and searched
continued to...
... continued from

And I withdrew
and shrank as far as I could


Then when I was trapped
They sliced small parts of me
And tore them out
And dumped me piece by piece
Into a sterile dish


That's how they killed me
I was excused from being born
For I had no legs
I did not qualify


And now when I look down
From my abode in heaven
And see the lucky few
that escaped termination
win medals
I sing with joy
For my soul mates
And cry with gratitude
For they who had faith in life
You Don't Need Eyes - May 2009


If you are blind
You will still sense the stars
Their spirit their energy
Will seep into you
They will make you
Know them.
Your skin will tingle
Your heart will surge
Your soul will open
To take
The spirit
Within it.
You don't need
Eyes to know.
Invocation to the Holy Spirit - 21/10/2009


The spark of
Ecstasy and of peace
Of passion and of light
Surge within me
Filling my every pore
Glow, glow, glow,
Shine with me
For a moment
That is eternity.
The Lottery - 07.07.2012


Resort Hotels
and various Charlatans
to cater to the
gullible seekers
of the mystic.


More often than not
when they see Rohini
they with that
strange glint
in their eyes
tell her "You are destined to
win a lottery – buy one"
Quickly followed by the greedy demand
"I want 15%"
and Rohini has but one response
she points to me and says
"he is my Lottery".


My lungs packed up
in October last year
I now breathe
with a dead man's
lungs inside me.


I thank him for the gift
I thank God for the miracle
I thank Rohini for the Love, the Care,
continued to...
... continued from

the prayers, and the sacrifices
showered on me
in abundance.


I thank my son Tilly for his
unwavering devotion, for
standing by me
like a rock and seeing it through.


Few weeks ago
when we were alone
side by side
resting in bed
I said to her
"Look what has happened to your Lottery?"
Straight came the Answer
"Nothing, you are still my Lottery".


What more can
I live for?
My life is fulfilled
I am unafraid
I am ready.
The Elixir - 27/5/2010
( "The Beach" Negombo)


Molten elixir
In spurts of
Cleansing broth
Of orange and gold
From an awesome
Erection of the
Eternal –
Rejuvenates life.
(The earth the cosmos)
The Three I met on the Negombo Beach
27/5/2010 (The Hotel "Beach" Negombo)


The happiness
Of three young persons
Uninhibited by gender
Knowing only the
Joy of not
Enjoying the rare
Gift from god
The blend of the yin
With the yan.
The Experience - 16/01/2011


You cannot experience
The moment of birth
Or recollect it.
But you can experience
And know your
Death –
A good death
Is a conscious death
It is the moment of
Extreme finality
You must have the good
Fortune to experience death
Pray that you will
be alive enough
When you die.
Come away - 1990


When Death screams
In your ears
to give up
And come away
It is then
That you want
to live the most.
When alas
It is too late.
It is in death that you
Plead for another
From the eternal,
He too can
Only say,
"Do not be frightened
come away."
The Dancers of the Night - 15/6/2012


They danced
The dance
Of the rhythm of the
On the capricious elixir


Swaying as flames
In a sinking sun,
Trapped in a
Karmic twist,
A cosmic flaw.


They glowed
In the gloom
With the gentle
Aura of the
Innocent in spirit.


And the gods sighed,
Mortals goose fleshed
In their dreams.


A strange scent of
Unknown passion filled the air
Where ever it was
Like the odour of
The sweat of gods.


At the first glint of
continued to...
... continued from

They merged with the mist
And disappeared
With the dawn.


To dance again
Another night
And another, and another…
Prisoners of indifferent
Space, indefinite time.
To the dying man - 7/8/2011


To the dying man
The only sound
He wants to hear
Is the sound of
His laboured
My Love - My Life - 4/6/2011


I have taken you
To the very depths of despair
I have raised you
To the heavens of bliss
I have tormented you
The way only I know how
I have soared with you
To the stars and then
Plunged you to
The bowels of
Hell itself.
I have convulsed you
To sacred eruptions
Of joy
I have driven you
To sadness that makes
Death sweet
I have also stood by you
And pulled you up
And let you down
I have sustained you
I have betrayed you
I have denied you


I love you
I have always loved you
You know that
Like I know you do me
You have fulfilled
My existence
Like no other
Mortal can
continued to...
... continued from

Now that we have
Shared our space and time
I seek from the
Eternal spirit
Only this
That we be united on
Death and thereafter
To love still.
Miasma of despair - 15.09.2012


The smell of
Rotting flowers and flesh
Mixed in the air
And, instilled fear and gloom
And unease in the living


Was death and disease and evil
Stalking humanity
To strike
The receptive, the vulnerable


Have the seeds of evil and horror
Sewn by man
Grown and ripened
Ready to be cut and consumed
By the "Evil" force,
Of the cosmos?


Have the heavens moved and heaved in such a manner
That everything is so placed
that the inevitable end
has come upon
Everything and nothing
Her Eyes - 4/12/2009


Her eyes
Deep pools of peace
Where hid
Mysteries of time


Her eyes
Like those of a child
Guileless, transparent
Her eyes
Dance and sparkle
With the joy of the divine within


And she I know
And love.
The Mound - 13/3/2010


There between
Alabaster thighs
Glowed naked
The proud mound
Irresistible and daunting
The ripe melon - 25/1/2010


The ripe melon
Is easily severed
From the bondage of the vine
And sliced fresh
To expose the crimson flesh
Offered to quench
The parched.


The seed
Spat out
To begin the
Cycle at the end
From the beginning.
Creation of gods - 1/10/2010


To clothe with
His noble thoughts
And his morbid fears
Man created gods
Gratitude - 23.10.2012.


Manus celer Dei
The swift and sure hand of God
plucked me from the abyss of death and
placed me back in the crucible of life.
Thus, with my wife and son,
my family, relatives and friends, I still dwell.
I still breathe the sweet air
Oh how much sweeter it is now.


In 2009, I planted 2 Kinihiriya Trees in my garden.


When in my sick bed I lay,
full of anguish full of pain,
panting, gasping, clinging to life –
I remembered my Kinihiriya Trees
and I was sad that I would not see them in bloom.
Then, deep within my heart,
I heard a gentle voice say
"Do not despair, trust in me."
-and I did.


After 4 and a ½ months in hospital
by the mercy and grace of God
I came home in mid February 2012
and as I entered my home
– Behold! Another gift from God
– A Grand Welcome,
my Kinihiriya Trees were ablaze, yellow,
Like melting gold in the morning sun.
My soul filled with incandescent joy,
the Spirit of God surged within my being
and tears flowed freely down my face.


continued to...
... continued from

Then I realized that God had not merely saved my life
but had welcomed me to a new life.
I am here before you a living testimony
to the power, the love, the mercy and the glory of God,
and in gratitude I say ,
– thank you.


From death to life,
from despair to hope,
from fear to trust,
from falsehood to truth,
from hate to love,
from turmoil to peace.
– Oh Lord, fill our hearts,
our world, our universe, with your eternal love.
Her Lips - 11.9.2012


Her lips
Like dew,
In the breeze,
Nervously shiver
And break
In a soft smile
Enticing me
To sip deeply
The sweet essence
That dwells within
Deep orange, Dark blue and Pearl white - 10/9/2015


It was a strange morning
For a moist creature,
Squeezed it self-out of her left breast
And weakly struggled to her drowsy nipple
It rested awhile,
If only
Shivered thrice
Very, very slowly fragile wings, of
Deep orange
Dark Blue
Pearl white
Spread across her awakening breast,
And the surprised orb, a serendipitous tingling Blush.

The next moment it casually, floated into the waiting air.

The nipple quivered and teared as it for ever
And she cupped it tight in her aching palm.
Can any mortal appease it now?
She longs still, in the chill of dawn
With quivering, tearing nipple,
For that soft touch of

Deep orange
Dark blue
Of thoughts
Pearl white

continued to...
... continued from

She believes that on
Some auspicious mornings,
When she drowsily shudders in ecstasy,
It alights and sips from her nipple,
A maya of
Deep orange
Dark blue
Pearl white.
... continued from

Then I realized that God had not merely saved my life
but had welcomed me to a new life.
I am here before you a living testimony
to the power, the love, the mercy and the glory of God,
and in gratitude I say ,
– thank you.


From death to life,
from despair to hope,
from fear to trust,
from falsehood to truth,
from hate to love,
from turmoil to peace.
– Oh Lord, fill our hearts,
our world, our universe, with your eternal love.
Her Lips - 11.9.2012


Her lips
Like dew,
In the breeze,
Nervously shiver
And break
In a soft smile
Enticing me
To sip deeply
The sweet essence
That dwells within
Deep orange, Dark blue and Pearl white - 10/9/2015


It was a strange morning
For a moist creature,
Squeezed it self-out of her left breast
And weakly struggled to her drowsy nipple
It rested awhile,
If only
Shivered thrice
Very, very slowly fragile wings, of
Deep orange
Dark Blue
Pearl white
Spread across her awakening breast,
And the surprised orb, a serendipitous tingling Blush.

The next moment it casually, floated into the waiting air.

The nipple quivered and teared as it for ever
And she cupped it tight in her aching palm.
Can any mortal appease it now?
She longs still, in the chill of dawn
With quivering, tearing nipple,
For that soft touch of

Deep orange
Dark blue
Of thoughts
Pearl white

continued to...
... continued from

She believes that on
Some auspicious mornings,
When she drowsily shudders in ecstasy,
It alights and sips from her nipple,
A maya of
Deep orange
Dark blue
Pearl white.
The Omen - 10/9/2015


A mournful sound
Fills my morning garden,
And I turn, restless in bed uneasy an fearul
There it goes again
Every two minutes almost tot he second.
I wait for the next, it drives me insane

Before the 5th I am out of bed in the chill of my garden,
Waiting for the 5th
then suddenly the 5th takes me by surprise CRAWAAAAAAAAAAAA

And scares the skin out of me
its so close the satanic sound
Then I see the evil thing
sitting crouched, on a dead wet branch
drenched in dew, within a strange cloud of tranceluscent mist
it is ominous, a fore teller of bad things
a messenger of e evil and of sad endings
and then
he crawaaaaaa’s for the 6th time
and I shudder with some unknown but real fear

I Panic

continued to...
... continued from

I picked up a stone and fling it at the black devil
Oh God have mercy, for I missed
What have I done, what a terrible thing have I done
I fall to the ground kneeling sobbing, a man, helpless, without hope
And then
it Crawaaaaaa’s for the 7th time,
And I scream loud and long as I have never done.
The black devil the charmed messenger of satan,
Shakes the dew of its stooping self and silently flies away
I am doomed

Then I hear the 8th Crawaaaaa in the next garden
He comes evry morning at dawn to my garden,
to the same tree to the same branch and Crawaaaaa’s away
I greet him every morning on the 5th Crawaaaaa
He shines now, within a silvery mist
A handsome crow, a charming crow,
a deep, a rich baritone – Crawaaaaa
His soft grey eyes smile with me now.
A creature of happy times
A Good Omen.
The Story of Trees - 10/9/2015


During the formative years of the 1983 planet earth about 4 billion years ago.
It was the volcanic activity that produced the earth atmosphere.
The volcanoes released large quantities of water vapour, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
This volcanic activity during the past 4 billion years accounts for the abundance of nitrogen in the atmosphere and for the total amount of water vapour that was required to fill all the oceans with the water they have now. But where is carbon dioxide? Where did it all go? – Even today a volcanic eruption exists gasses of which is 10% of carbon dioxide. Even at this rate the amount of Carbon dioxide that would have been emitted during the volcanic activity in the past consists of 99% of the earth’s atmosphere. That would make the earth’s atmosphere pressures half a ton per square inch instead of the 15 pounds per square inch which is now. More over the surface is 800F. This life would never have originated on earth. But life did originate on earth and is sustained. This means that the earth did and gets rid of its carbon dioxide from its atmosphere. This it did by a simple chemical reaction involving the calcium silicate in the surface rocks of the earth. The generous carbon dioxide combines readily with calcium silicate to form quarterly which is all the sand on earth and calcium carbonate which appears on earth in the form of lime stone and marble. After the calcium silicate reaction had reduced the abundance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
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to its present small value the earth began to cool and the surface temperature of the earth became cool enough for life to begin and flourish. Early life also contributed to maintaining the carbon dioxide balance. The very earliest of massive life abandoned. The Carbon dioxide molecules dissolved in the ocean and converted it into shells and sold calcium carbonate. But this did not deplete the carbon dioxide in the ocean because for each molecule of carbon dioxide that was taken in this manner another was absorbed by the Ocean from the atmosphere and this did not decrease in the atmosphere because volcanic action although greatly reduced, continued to expel carbon dioxide from the earth’s interior in sufficient quantities to balance the carbon dioxide absorbed by the oceans. Thus the carbon dioxide balance is maintained.

Once the carbon dioxide balance is established, life is possible on earth, but without free oxygen in our atmosphere life on earth is not possible. But the earth’s atmosphere does have an abundance of free oxygen. How is this possible? Oxygen combines readily with so many things at normal temperatures to form what we term solid oxides, and some of the free oxygen would be lost to outer space at the edge of the earlier atmosphere. Thus it is not possible for our atmosphere.
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Thus it is not possible for our atmosphere to have oxygen in quantities that are necessary for life. Thus it would seem that the oxygen supply is constantly replenished and resupplied to the atmosphere. How is tis oxygen resupplied to the atmosphere – This is where plant life comes into play. Plants require very little oxygen for their life process, but they convert great quantities of carbon dioxide into free oxygen which they release to the atmosphere and to carbon they build into their own organic structure. Thus then is this marvellous chemical balance of carbon dioxide, oxygen an plant life. The role that plant life plays in maintaining all life on earth is brought to our notice by the following facts. If plant metabolism did not renew the supply of free oxygen in the atmosphere, the free oxygen in the atmosphere would in about 3000 years combine with chemicals in the earth’s crest and disappear. Thus all life on earth will last only for 3000 years if not for plants. What then means is that plants via photosynthesis emit as much free oxygen every 3000 years as in present in the atmosphere at any moment. It has been estimated that plants consume 500 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year, transforming it and water into free oxygen and organic matter into free oxygen and organic matter. 90% of the process in carried out by the microscopic green algae in Ocean and 10% of the green land plants.
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This process also combines 150 billion tons of carbon with 25 billion tons of hydrogen from the water to form complex organic molecules and releases 400 billion tons of oxygen. But if this process continues, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will someday vanish and the whole process of life will come to an end. The total mass of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about 3.5 billion tons and it is estimated that all this carbon dioxide will be used up in about 7 years – but volcanic activities and some extent animal metabolism and the decay of vegetation does replenish the lost carbon dioxide to maintain a balance... It is therefore clear that the whole earth is one simple marvellously balanced system, which ought to interference. It is not proper that one tiny part of the universe (Namely intelligent life) should be allowed to destroy the rest of the universe. These are a part of us and they are not merely a converter of carbon dioxide to free oxygen. They initiate source of all food. It is the tree which directly uses the sun’s energy into sustains itself. The process of abrading the energy of the sun and illumining the living things is the responsibility of the trees or plant life.